Chalkboard Herb Planters [Updated]

Hallelujah! I finally bought a can of chalkboard paint. I was inspired by a Michael's email suggesting this project:

How pretty, right? Although, I'm 90% sure no one's handwriting is that perfect...

My version:

Here's how I did this.

 I got me some pots. $3 total

Masked them off...literally...I couldn't find my painter's tape, so I used my masking tape. By the way, it worked just fine. 

Sprayed 'em down. 

 Completely painted and pretty.

And in their new home. I went to buy plants, but they all looked so gross and sick. Maybe I'll start from seed. So for now they sit empty, but you get the idea.

In total, this took about two hours and that's only because the pots had to dry before I could fill them.

Try it. This will be way easier to maintain than my outdoor garden that I let go straight to hell last year when I was preggers. I'm not a fan of weeding. 

<3 Kreg